DIY Glitter Vases by Abby Larson

A simple way to snazz up a scene

diy glitter vases style me pretty!

If you had $1 for every craft project that amounted to a disastrous heap of failure, you might make a dent in the amount spent on first-aid kits (hot glue guns and drills are dangerous business).

Forget the Martha-esque ambitions. Get to crafting flashy vases, courtesy of Style Me Pretty wedding blogger Abby Larson, which require only kindergarten-level know-how.

Collection of various-size vases
Clear Mod Podge
Gold glitter
Catch bowl for excess glitter

1. Paint a band of Mod Podge around a vase. (Hint: Paint a band on a different level of each vase; see photo above.)

2. Working over the catch bowl, sprinkle glitter over the band, making sure to coat Mod Podge completely.

3. Let dry then fill with favorite flowers.

4. Repeat with other vases.

Larson’s book, Style Me Pretty Weddings, is available for preorder at amazon.com, $20. For more DIY inspiration, go to stylemepretty.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of Style Me Pretty