Make Nice in Friends & Associates Clothing

A fashion editor turns design pro with winning results

friends & associates!

Mixing business with pleasure is usually a gamble.

But sporty new line Friends & Associates is a sure bet.

Designer Matthew Edelstein’s fashion pedigree includes styling and editing for the likes of J.Crew and W and Details magazines. His debut line is a play on “uniformal” dressing, an aesthetic that toes the line between timeless American sportswear and functional urban style.

Go old school in Japanese cotton and silk pieces that mimic waitress aprons, Girl Scout jumpers and skirts, and updated judo pants. Step up your game in ruffle-topped pencil skirts; tuxedo-style smock dresses and blouses; and polka-dot button-downs and skirts with periwinkle hems, pockets, and collars.

They’re all winners.

Available at friendshop.us, $95-$315.

Photos: Courtesy of Friends & Associates