Watch Your Garden Bon Bons Grow

Seed balls that look pretty enough to eat

garden bon bons!

You have a love for green, but your thumb is black.

Please Mother Nature with windowsill-ready Garden Bon Bons truffle balls.

Here’s the dirt: Seeds are rolled together using organic compost and clay, and contain an entire packet’s worth in each little ball. To give you a head start, some are dusted with natural pesticides such as ground coffee and cinnamon. A little soil, water, and sunshine, and you’ll see buds in no time.

Each set of garden truffles comes ready to gift. Tea lovers anticipate relaxation as chamomile and lemon balm grow. Foodies appreciate a box devoted to several kinds of basil. Nurture cocktail garnishes such as borage to use later in warm-weather Pimm’s Cups. Flowers such as violas and calendula are pretty enough to eat (and you can).

You’re gonna dig it.

Available at moultonology.com or etsy.com, $16.

Photo: Courtesy of Garden Bon Bons