DailyCandy Jams v.92

dailycandy jams v.92!

Kick up your heels for a young new songbird by the name of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, embrace the poppy strings of Miracles of Modern Science, and get stoked for a new song from The Strokes.

“Aubergine‚” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (pictured)

“Don’t You See‚” by Miracles of Modern Science

 “All the Time‚” by The Strokes

“Walking in Your Footsteps‚” by Shout Out Louds

“Generational Synthetic‚” by Beach Fossils

“Upstarts,” by Johnny Marr

“Entertainment‚” by Phoenix

“If So‚” by Atlas Genius

“World on Fire‚” by The Royal Concept

“Olive‚” by Tanner Walle

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Photo: Shervin Lainez / Courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR