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The Best Restaurants in Washington, D.C., in 2013

Let’s table the results of our highly scientific poll

best of dc restaurants!

Restaurant-wise, 2013 was a record year. More than 25 new spots opened on 14th Street alone. To help you decide where to sup in the months to come, here’s our list of 21 superlative dining spots.

Most Mature Manhattans: The Rye Bar

Prettiest Pasta Palazzo: Rialto

Sneakiest Tikis: Bar Charley

Best Place to Get a Head: Bluejacket Brewery

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: The Red Hen

Winner, Winner, Fried Chicken Dinner: GBD

Where to Go-Go Immediately: Baby Wale

best of restaurants!

Ultimate Date Knight: B Too

Dog-Friendliest Beer Garden: Bardo Brewpub

Prize Pizza Pies: Etto

Coolest Soft Serve: Doi Moi

Biggest Smoke: Del Campo

Choicest Two-in-One: Daikaya

Best Spot for a Carnivore-Herbivore Date: Kapnos

best of restaurants!

Most Cerebral Cocktails: Barmini by José Andrés

Most Likely to Canoodle: Casa Luca

Top New-to-You View: The Observatory

Dishiest Date Spot: Water & Wall

Smallest Kitchen Making the Biggest Fire: DCity Smokehouse

Sweetest Final Act: Ambar

2014’s Most In-Demand Reservation: Iron Gate

Go fork-th and prosper. 

Photos: Robert Reck / Courtesy of the Rye Bar; Daniel Mahdavian / Courtesy of B Too; Ken Wyner / Courtesy of Barmini