Mind the Gap

You’re not British. But you sure like to pretend you are.

Always inviting your mates to the pub for a lager (and back to your flat for a shag?), hanging out at Mousetrap, downloading The Streets.

When you’ve gone to this much trouble to look like you’ve got a Notting Hill address, why give it away with the wrong shoes? The District Line will get you up to almost-authentic with their new offering of English footwear. Whether you want to look like you just walked off the council estate in Lonsdale boots or the football pitch in Gola trainers, the District Line has your fix. And you can chat about Pete Doherty, Kate Moss, and The Office as you try on Fred Perry and One True Saxon (a store exclusive).

Once you’re kitted out like a true Brit, head down to the Lucky Bar to boast about your new find.

To some real English blokes.

The District Line, 2118 18th Street NW, between California Street and Wyoming Avenue (202-558-5508).