Food & Drink

Stark Raven Mad

Some things, you just can’t tear yourself away from.

Booboo, your first teddy bear. Yet another America’s Next Top Model marathon. The neighborhood dive bar.

No sense hiding it. We know The Raven’s been your haunt for ages. But that steady diet of cocktails and beer nuts? Not so good for you.

Big news: Dos Gringos now delivers right to The Raven’s barstools. So after you order your regular drink, call DG and ask for anything from their delicious cafe menu.

Like the skinny chicken salad sandwich made with yogurt, low-fat mayo, and Granny Smith apples. The spectacular curried rice salad. And a tasty steamer made with Italian syrup and hot chocolate. Someone from Dos Gringos’ waitstaff will happily walk it across the street to you in no time.

Which, compared to the last episode of The Princes of Malibu, is a heck of a lot more civilized than some of your other pastimes.

The Raven, 3125 Mount Pleasant Street NW, between Irving and Lamont Streets (202-387-9274). For Dos Gringos takeout, call (202-462-1159).