Sweet Deliverance

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?


Cupcakes who?

Um, there are cupcakes at your door. Is this really the time to ask questions?

Baker Robyn Savage delivers her fresh-made confections straight to your home, providing a much-needed service to agoraphobic sweet tooths all over town.

Savage started her one-woman operation, Le Cupcake, with the idea that it’s best to do one thing really, really well. And she does: Her signature confection is a delicious fluff of vanilla cake with a turban of sweet almond-flavored icing decorated with pastel swirls and sprinkles. They arrive in white boxes tied with pink and brown ribbon (packages so cute, you may be tempted to eat them, too).

She’ll even whip up custom flavors, from lemony yellow to Halloween-appropriate orange.

As in, Orange you glad you ordered those cupcakes?

Available by the dozen (703-533-8989) or individually at Stacy’s Coffee Parlor, 709 West Broad Street, Falls Church (703-538-6266).