Variety Hour

Three questions currently plague you:

1. What to wear to K Street cocktails with Jack?

2. What to wear to the Finnish embassy with Serge?

3. What to wear to the Petworth opening with Nils, your new Finnish friend?

(And that’s just this week’s list.) The Variety Dress may solve all of the above quandaries. Pay no attention to the gimmicky name. The miracle frock from local designer and girl-about-town Leann Trowbridge is as varied as your social life: Its adjustable design can be twisted, turned, wrapped, and draped to create countless (well, almost) looks.

Tie the sash around your neck for a Halston-esque halter. Throw it over one shoulder to invoke your inner Aphrodite. Crisscross it around the bodice for that oui-je-suis-la-Vicomtesse look. The gown is made of universally flattering knit jersey and comes in dazzling jewel tones.

Dazzling enough for Jack. Soigné enough for Serge.

Poor Nils may never recover.

Available at Meeps, 1520 U Street NW (202-265-6546).