OK Computer

Symptoms: frustration beyond words. Complete desperation. Unstoppable tears.

Diagnosis: unrequited love? Unattained dreams? Clinical depression?

You should be so lucky. These are the unmistakable signs of someone with tech issues — the diligent worker whose computer has erased her report, the researcher whose screen just went that terrifying shade of blue, the vacationer who can’t upload her photos, the desperate soul who keeps missing the on-ramp to the so-called information superhighway.

Fret not. Available to solve your woes is Tech Plumber, the D.C. area’s hottest Mr. Fix-It hero for home technology problems. Whether you want to recover data, scrap spyware, go wireless, or reclaim beloved lost iTunes, Tech Plumber makes same-day house calls and even provides emergency 24/7 service (a godsend for insomniacs).

Unless, that is, you really are clinically depressed.

You’ll need a different sort of specialist to plumb those depths.

Tech Plumber (703-624-8700 or techplumber.com).