Conversely, You’re an All-Star

Remember your beloved ratty old Converse sneaks?

It took you all of seventh grade to wear them in just so and the whole summer after that to perfect the scribbling. And now they’re gone.

Parting was such sweet sorrow.

What light through yonder window breaks? At last, a modern method for customizing your Chucks. Converse One just launched their DIY sneaker site — so now you can create your own special pair in ten easy steps. You get to decide on everything from size, sneaker style, colors, patterns, racing stripes, stitching — right down to the laces. Design them as classic or razy-crazy as you like.

And then, before you make any rash decisions, preview your shoes from every angle right online. You can even get your initials or a message embroidered on the back of the heel. (We opted for a navy blue composition with the word “tender” on the ankle.)

They cost 60 bucks, and in three to four weeks, your kicks are delivered at your feet.

And, so, you meet again.

Available at converseone.com.