This Bud’s for You

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers.

But sometimes you’d rather they just show up at your door.

Sidra Forman, fabulous florist and beloved chef from some of D.C.’s best kitchens, will oblige with a new delivery service called, simply enough, Flowers. First, she arranges a consultation to see your home and find out your likes, dislikes, sensibility, even allergies, and plans her deliveries accordingly.

Whether you want just one bouquet for your kitchen table or boudoir or one a week for the rest of the year, she’s your gal. She’ll also make special arrangements for a dinner party or something to go with your new sofa. For your porch or balcony, she’ll bring potted plants. Beats having to develop a green thumb.

To say nothing of having to buy flowers for yourself.

Flowers (202-234-4598 or sidraforman.com).