The Interpreter

Out-of-work actors will do anything for a buck and a captive audience.

There’s the chatty, overbearing waitress who won’t let you start your soup. The dinnertime telemarketer who won’t let you finish your soup. And, of course, there’s the landscaper who just wants to dance.

But there are some performers who have your best interests in mind.

Like Brad Drummer. When not off touring the country with Broadway productions, Drummer, a licensed massage therapist, practices interpretive touch massage. Sound like touchy-feely performance art mumbo jumbo, the kind where he massages the air and you watch? It’s anything but.

The hands-on session is intermission-free (no starts and stops) thanks to a wave-like motion that encourages Drummer’s continuous movement up and down your body. Not only does this put you in an impossibly blissful state, but it also helps your muscles relax at a slow leisurely pace, so you can enjoy every minute from the overture (his first touch) to the curtain call (his final movement).

As you stand up, feel free to give a little ovation.

Available at Nusta Spa, 1129 20th Street NW, between L and M Streets (202-530-5700).