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Viridian Line

History is full of great battle stories.

The Sharks vs. the Jets. East Coast vs. West Coast. Superman vs. Lex Luthor.

And, of course, the 14th Street grudge between the rockers and the urban hipsters. (Black Cat and a swank furnishings store on the same block? Nevaaaah!)

But everyone just may get along when they break bread at Viridian, which opens today and arrives with quite the pedigree: artist (and developer) Giorgio Furioso, Saied Azali (of Perry’s), Sidra Forman and Derrick Bullock (both of the brilliant gone-but-not-forgotten Rupperts).

The new American menu is veg heavy (vegans, rejoice) but meat friendly (go, lamb chops with arugula). For the next few weeks, they’re serving only dinner, but then they’ll add lunch and breakfast (a.k.a. D.C.’s most dismal meal), which is excellent news for early bird gastronomes. House-made desserts like gingerbread, chocolate cake with sesame ice cream, and carrot cake with coconut sorbet are so good they’ll fill you with goodwill for your fellow man and woman. (Not to mention the pastry chef.)

The bright, open space has floor-to-ceiling windows and walls lined with pieces from Furioso’s art collection. So any seat in the house (from intimate table to comfy bar stool) is deeply satisfying.

Which should inspire you to keep the peace.

Even as you’re protecting your turf.

Viridian, 1515 14th Street NW, between P and Q Streets (202-234-1400).