Alternative Arrangements

The holidays are near. And you know what that means: time to gather the loved ones for a series of soul-crushing parties.

There’s the office to-do, where Jimmy from accounting gets wasted and does his rendition of Billy Joel’s “Big Shot”; the family affair, where Aunt Betsy tells Mom her stuffing sucks; and the Secret Santa, where some stalker barrages you with Pez dispensers and mini fruitcakes.

This year, why not do things a little differently? Host a holiday flower arranging party. With the help of Sarah von Schrader from Urban Petals, you can invite your friends to make green and floral garlands, wreaths for their doors, or winter floral arrangements for their tables.

No extra space or experience needed. You supply the scissors and clippers (and, of course, the cocktails), and Sarah will bring all the greenery, flowers, wires, supplies, and knowledge. Your guests will have fun and leave with something to make their own homes a bit more festive. Your friends and family will thank you.

And you’ll come out smelling like a rose.

Sarah von Schrader (202-297-4270 or