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Cuckoo for Cacao

You’re soooo totally not fooling anyone.

You try to pretend you’re not into labels. But everybody knows you’re obsessed — and that you feel a small victory every time you discover something new. (Sassanova is now carrying Loeffler Randall boots? Absolutely brilliant.)

It’s time to add another distinction to your label-conscious repertoire: single-origin. As in chocolate.

Single-origin chocolates are notable because the cacao beans used to create them all come from the same place (like a valley in Madagascar or a rain forest in Ecuador). And when they hit your oh-so-discerning palate, this purity comes across as le goût de terroir (as they say in sommelier land).

And there’s no better place to get acquainted than The Curious Grape, where single-origin chocolate bars are sold alongside wine. Flavors include straight-up choc as well as everything from pink peppercorns to Earl Grey tea. Really want to get into it? Ask the staff to help you pair your candy with its ideal vino counterpart.

They won’t even judge you for checking the labels.

The Curious Grape, 4056 South 28th Street, Arlington (703-671-8700 or curiousgrape.com).