Wrapper’s Delight

Sorry to say, but that poncho has got to go. The allure is understandable; it’s the ultimate comfort item. Hides the tummy while keeping you warm and pulls together most any outfit.

But tragically, its time has come and gone. Whatever will you do?

Introduce yourself to the Evisu sweater wrap, that’s what. One side is a sleeve; the other is long and scarf-like. You can pull it snug around you or wear it loosely draped over one shoulder. The wrap comes in an exaggerated diamond pattern in shades of dark and light blue. It keeps you toasty, and, most importantly, you can throw it on over jeans for a quick polisher.

You’re cozy. You’re stylish.

Now that may be the most comforting news you’ll hear all season.

Available at Denim Bar, 1101 South Joyce Street, Arlington (703-414-8202).