Food & Drink

Green Party

Monday: afterwork beers with tobacco lobby. Tuesday: happy-hour margaritas with electronics producers association. Wednesday: sake till dawn with think-tank lunatics.

Slow down, slurpee. No amount of weekend sun salutations will cancel out all those liquid meals. And spinach-artichoke dip and chocolate-covered strawberries will never be the USDA’s idea of a balanced diet (no matter how hard you lobby).

Washington’s Green Grocer, on the other hand, fully supports your healthy intentions. Founded by husband and wife foodies Zeke (an ex-restaurant owner) and Lisa (an ex-chef) Zechiel, they deliver farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to your front door. (No clandestine meetings in the tunnels under the Hill, no secret envelopes changing hands outside the Watergate Building.)

Choose all-organic or a conventional-organic mix — most of the produce comes from local farms (except, like, the bananas) and varies each week based on the season. They also sell organic milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and other assorted items for the pantry. Just sign up online and your groceries come right to your door at your requested frequency — once a week, once a month, or only once a year.

There’s no commitment of any kind.

And no one will ask which plan you voted for.

Sign up at washingtonsgreengrocer.com.