Next Stop Wonderland

Drugstore cards are sooooo beneath you.

There’s nothing personal about bad rhymes (I miss you/Need a tissue), awful drawings (two dogs playing scrabble), and uninspiring photos (obligatory half-naked man jumping out of obligatory cake).

Which is why you always turn to the creative geniuses behind Wonderland Q handmade greeting cards. The fronts of the cards feature detachable animal images — like simply drawn yellow birds, orange lions, and blue whales — silk-screened onto wool felt patches.

The card’s recipient can take the animal patch off and sew or iron it onto a favorite shirt, bag, or jeans. And because the inside of each card is blank, you can craft whatever message suits the situation (wedding, anniversary, new pair of shoes). Perfect for the times when you want to send the very best.

And rise to any occasion.

Available online at wonderlandq.com.