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It’ll Be a Piece of Cake

Luck? Not your thing.

The DMV’s camera catches you speeding every time. You average one glass of wine spilled per fancy dinner. And, of course, there’s the tissue-on-the-shoe-during-job-interview incident of 2003 (and 2004 and 2005).

Now you need a cake for your friend’s birthday, but Chef Fortune has never visited your kitchen.

Don’t take a chance. Special-order a cake from China Doll Restaurant’s European-style bakery. Though the source — just an average Chinese joint — is unlikely, theirs are some of the best pastries around.

Try a slice of Sacher torte, coconut, Black Forest, or cheesecake to find the perfect confection for any party. Or, if you’re still smarting from last night’s embarrassing mishap, an individual pear or almond tart, a rum bar, or takeout dumplings (a more usual suspect) might be just the thing. And, just in case, pick up a sack of six fortune cookies for 50 cents.

You need all the luck you can get.

China Doll Restaurant, 627 H Street NW, between 6th and 7th Streets (202-289-4755).