Best of 2005: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hear that? It’s the tune of 2006. Before we dive in, a shout-out to our favorites from 2005. Feel free to hum along.

Originally published 10/20/05

Some pursuits require a steady hand: playing Operation, miniature ship-building, tattoo artistry.

But nowhere is precision more important than in the realm of waxing. One misplaced drop of hot wax can have particularly dire consequences.

Which is why you’ll want to visit Debbie Ethridge at Today’s Look Hair Design. She’s cornered the market on precision, speed, painlessness, and perfection.

When doing brows, she explains what works on your face and why; she’ll even draw a picture to illustrate the possibilities. For bikini waxes, all you need to know is that she’s quick, pain-free, and totally thorough (not to mention pleasant and affordable). And she gets it right every time, which is good news.

Because that margin has no room for error.

Today’s Look Hair Design, 1705 L Street NW, between Connecticut Avenue and 17th Street (202-223-8182).

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