Kiss and Makeup

Some rules were made to be broken. Dinner before dessert. Not going to second base on the first date. Post-Labor Day fashion proclamations. (There is such a thing as winter white, people.)

But using the wrong shade of lipstick? Only if you want a citation from the makeup police.

Yes, he exists. And his name is Erwin Gomez, owner of the new Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. But be not afraid: Gomez is here to rehabilitate, not punish. Pop in for a one-on-one session, and he’ll teach you to avoid makeup mishaps in the future.

Empty your cosmetics bag while Gomez, with congeniality and authority, questions what products you purchased and why. (No need to be nervous. Just tell the truth.) Next, Gomez gives you a total makeover, explaining everything from his use of primer and choice of color to blush application.

Gomez’s philosophy, which emphasizes education, is integrated into everything from makeup and hair coloring to manicures and eyebrow waxing. So when you leave the salon, you know how to get gorgeous at home.

Now that’s a rule you can live by.

Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa, 1519 Wisconsin Avenue NW, between P and Q Streets (202-333-7290 or erwingomezsalon.com).