Golden Fleece

You’re willing to suffer for fashion.

Just look at you your tootsies into torture stilettos, doing extra crunches for low-slung waistlines, and whittling your thighs into stick-straight pencil-pant form. (Bless you, Suzanne Somers.) No pain, no gain.

Unless, that is, you trade the gym for So Low’s new fleece skinny jeans.

That’s right: fleece jeans. The company that’s known for its easy hoodies and tees has combined soft-as-a-velour-sweat-suit fabric with ’80s mod-rocker drainpipes. Plush lining makes it feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but the style — a sleek silhouette, back pockets, belt loops, and a low waist — keeps them from being sleepy.

Pair black or charcoal with flats and a fitted jacket or wear them under a jumper for a better-than-leggings look. They’re so comfy, you’ll want to rock them all the time.

Just not every day, please.

That would be insufferable.

Available online at solowstyle.com.