Best of 2006: Altered States

It’s that time again — when we prepare to ring in the new by celebrating the best of the past year. So this week, we give you some of our favorite stories from 2006.

Originally published on 3/23/06

All-time most important service providers? Easy: Shrink. Mechanic. Butcher. Baker. Candlestick maker. (Hey. You’re a romantic.)

Oh, and duh. Tailor.

Need a good one? Try Hamza Simrick, who operates an excellent alterations business out of his atelier. Trained in the bespoke arts in Paris and London, Simrick wrote the book on tailoring (literally — he authored a textbook on the subject once).

Having worked on Savile Row and even done custom work for Burberry when it was still a tiny one-shop operation, he now brings his know-how to your dresses, tops, and jeans.

Too tight? Too long? Too big? Too wide? Simrick’s got the solution. Plus, his disarming old-world charm will always bring a smile to your face.

Talk about a service that’s really hard to come by.

Hamza Simrick, 574 South 23rd Street, Arlington (703-521-6909).

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574 23rd St S
Arlington, VA 22202