You just don’t have the energy for all of that new-agey, patchouli-scented, hippie stuff. (And you certainly don’t want to stir up any of the emotions you have worked so hard to bury.)

But you can’t help being drawn to the Bi Yu Chakra and Crystal Experience, a new treatment that combines a relaxing facial with chakra balancing.

Don’t freak out yet. First, a crystalline and clay mask is applied to your face for healing and tightening. Electrolyzed vitamin C is worked into your skin to fight free radical damage. Then your head, face, and neck are massaged for relaxation. (Hello, Buddha.)

Next, crystals are strategically laid on your body, and a large quartz crystal “singing bowl” is placed on your stomach. The aesthetician strikes the instrument so that the deep tonal sounds open up blocked energy areas and stimulate the chakras for joy, luck, and love.

It’s like feng shui for your body.

So go ahead, keep a third eye on it.

Be You Bi Yu Holistic Spa, 5602 Shields Drive, Bethesda (301-493-4911 or beyouspa.com).

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