Give ’Em the Finger

You’ve been doing some serious finger banging lately. You broke the F key during an IM feud and ended up telling your ex to “uck o.” And your BlackBerry-induced carpal tunnel is so bad you’re actually considering a hideous hand brace.

It had to come to this, didn’t it? Okay, time for relief: a Crackberry Thumbs and Keyboard Massage.

Be You Bi Yu’s new treatment addresses the strain and stress caused from overuse of keyboards (no matter what size) and aims to heal any minor problems (no judgments).

Fingers, wrists, and arms are loosened with a relaxing massage. The joints get special attention to get blood flowing. Then hands are coated in coconut milk to soothe and placed in warm mitts to soften.

All you have to do is fight the urge to rip off the mittens and text everyone about how great it feels.

Be You Bi Yu Spa, 5602 Shields Drive, Bethesda (301-493-4911 or beyouspa.com).

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