Lost & Found

For you, the outcome of a good find means not having to get up to turn on the TV or an extra ten spot in your pocket.

But when Thomas Griffiths uncovers something, it’s little gems like unique buttons, strands of vintage chains, or an eclectic mix of trinkets. And from this knack, Couture Saboteur was born.

The stylist-cum-jewelry designer’s line is inspired by bespoke dressmaking, and he uses his found objects to create necklaces so dramatic that you may be inspired to see what you can do with that old remote (but probably not).

Glam out in an elaborate cluster of clear crystals suspended from black silk ties. Doll up a suit with the long lariat choker that has crisscrossed Lucite globes. Or dress up a plain old tank with the heavy crystal and feather necklace.

You best get ’em while they’re hot, as each piece is one of a kind.

And these finds are definitely keepers.

Available at Unsung Designers, 2412 18th Street NW, in the alley (202-234-1788 or unsungdesigners.com). To see styles, go to couturesaboteur.com.