A Harry Situation

Among many other things, your future Mr. Perfect has an internal radar for your constantly missing iPod and car keys.

We’re sure he (and they) are out there somewhere. (Good luck, BTW.)

In the meantime, turn to Harry, a new gadget designed to keep possessions out of the couch cushion abyss and junk drawer jungle.

Flexible but sturdy wire hooks (imagine thick hairs) wrap around objects with ease. The small version is perfect for makeup, toothbrushes, and (oh, say) keys; the large is ideal for cell phones or office supplies in the case of “who stole my stapler?” obsessives.

Harry comes in seven eye-popping colors (blue, hot pink, green) and can be mounted via screw or suction cup to any flat surface.

Your stuff is secure in his strong grip.

Another quality you like in a man.

Available online at formila.com.