Sense and Sensibility

If Washington had its own rainbow, the colors would include brown (nosing), green (with envy), and blue (in the face). Not to mention all that colorful language.

Add some pure color back with the Come to Your Senses massage.

The holistic treatment is customized to suit your mood, offering eight therapies, each with its own colored lighting, flavor of tea, and special massage oil. Looking for passion? You’ll have a red light with an oil blend of ginger and ylang-ylang. Creativity is sparked by violet light with an oil of nutmeg and sandalwood.

Then it’s on to your kinks, easing tension and balancing chakras from jaw to toes.

At the end, a piece of chocolate cake or fresh fruit makes for a pleasant reward.

And a welcome change from that pot of gold everyone’s chasing.

Be You Bi Yu Wellness Center & Spa, 5602 Shields Drive, Bethesda (301-493-4911 or beyouspa.com).

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