Cake Walk

You found Mr. Perfect and set a date, but there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. Take these steps for a fail-free wedding.

It Bites
Too many wedding cakes are all style with no substance. Get one that tastes as good as it looks from K. Rose Cakes (202-255-8709). Kristine Bender, who worked as a pastry chef at Citronelle, assembles stunning, all-natural confections with fresh fruit fillings, like buttermilk cake with strawberry cream or sour-cream chocolate with raspberries. She will also bake you an anniversary dessert so your memories won’t be spoiled by year-old, freezer-burnt mouthfuls.

rev it!

Fit to Be Tied
Your girlhood dream might’ve involved a giant hoopskirt and layers of tulle, but for a bit more refinement, try Reva Mivasagar’s flowing gowns (Hitched, 1523 Wisconsin Avenue NW; 202-333-6162). Each perfect silhouette is delicate and feminine with intricate details on matte chiffon, crepe, and silk organza often inspired by vintage fabrics.

Certain family members (we’re looking at you, Aunt Tricia) are pieces of work. Stick them in with real works of art at the brand new Hamiltonian Gallery (1353 U Street NW; 202-332-1116). The green building, which hosts contemporary exhibits, is perfect for a cocktail reception.

ooh la la!

A Leg Up
Your gown is elegant; the hair pulled back. Let your racy side show with a custom garter from local designer Julianne Smith. Prepare for your safari honeymoon with leopard print or relive college with your school colors, all gussied up with an accent bow or ribbon and ready to go within a week.

love it!

Eliminate the Negatives
The only thing worse than rip-roaringly drunk folks at the wedding is not having their antics on film to remember (and hold over their heads). Love Life Images lets guests express themselves as they feel comfortable in a post-dinner (and -drinks) digital photo studio with a remote camera controlled by them. Just hope there aren’t too many boob shots.

Get in the Game
This is your occasion, but it’s also a chance for your mom, soon-to-be-mom-in-law, and every other relative to jump in the game. Steel yourself for the prep work and achieve your goals with Susan Samakow (301-706-7226). The certified life coach will help you keep perspective and arm you with the skills to work with tough family members.

tag along!

Lost and Found
Mishaps don’t end when the party does. Make sure that your bags stay with you on the honeymoon with Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags from Mindy Weiss.

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