Tree People

Dear Mr. Relentless e-Suitor,

Your most recent love letter ended up in the spam folder (like all the others).

Things might have gone smoother had you sent a card from Sycamore Street Press.

The wife and hubby team letterpresses cards with old-fashioned appeal, cutting to the chase with schmaltz-free sentiment (unlike your latest missive).

Quippy bits of snark really spice things up. To wit: the graphic of a twirling bride stamped with the message “Spoiler Alert: Someone got you a toaster.”

They also make swanky bookplates, clever calendars, gift tags, and place cards.

The company prints with soy-based inks and nontoxic solvents and uses recycled card stock. So you can write with the confidence that you’re not wreaking havoc.

On anything but my affection.

Available online at