Tree's Company

If the cards we sent to loved ones really represented us, we’d be pastel, sickly sweet, and full of crap. In short, we’d be Peeps.

Say it like you mean it with The Kiwi Tree’s bright, candid notes.

The new Virginia-based greeting card company specializes in sharing the message without any extra mushy bits.

Graphic art helps cut to the chase, from a checkered skate shoe (signifying cool, obv) to a screwdriver and toolbox telling a friend that her beau isn’t worthy.

The cheeky cards proudly congratulate newly minted MILFs or commiserate with military wives on celibacy while their husbands are on tour. And The Kiwi Tree’s got the full package, including a line of wrapping paper, debuting this fall.

It won’t be candy coated.

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