Yo Yo, Ma

She’s been through it all with you, keeping her poise as you fell down, raised hell, and kept her on her toes. Time to thank the gal who saw you through all your firsts.

First Tooth
From teething to braces, your beautiful mama always urged you to smile. Give her a kiss of thanks with Brew’s fresh, sparkly, vanilla- and anise-laced lip balm. You know you’ve given her more than a few wrinkles. Get rid of them with Carita’s Intense Smooth Out Express Patches for eyes and lips (Four Seasons Hotel, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; 202-944-2022).

choc about it!

First Date
When he showed up with flowers, she found a vase. Then she helped shred the petals when he broke your heart. Give her chocolates and flowers together with Kingsbury Confections’s rose and lavender flavors and geranium and jasmine truffles by Robert’s Chocolates at ACKC Cocoa Bar (1529 14th Street NW; 202-387-2626).

First Day of School
She sent you off to kindergarten with a nutritious lunch and didn’t stop until graduation. Add new dishes to the repertoire with date night cooking classes at Cookology. Better yet, enroll yourself and set her up with quality home-baked goodness. New moms can take mommy-and-me classes.

mud fight!

First Sports Game
She cheered from the sidelines as her little princess slid through the dirt. Sling a little mud her way with a girls’ day in the Blue Grotto at The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique. Wear a swimsuit and paint each other with deep sea clay, then steam and shower to prep for a Pearltini mani/pedi.

barn storming!

First Apartment
Your place would’ve been furnished in scavenged crates and cardboard boxes if not for her helpful eye. Treat her to a day of antiquing in Lucketts at On a Whim. Set in a barn with a big pink silo, the shop offers revamped retros and donates a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research.

It’s time to put others first.

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@ Q St
Washington, DC 20005
2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW
@ 28th St
Washington, DC 20007