Do the Loca-Lotion

for the love of beauty products!

We’ve assembled an elite squad from around the world. Code name: For the Love Of.

Participants, you’ve been chosen for your special skills and ability to combine forces for greater potency. To say nothing of your natural and organic ability to exfoliate, moisturize, and perfume our targets.

Of critical importance: keeping things seasonal. Orange, you’ll pair with Blueberry on the luxe lotion. Geranium and Mint, you’ll join in on the summer line. The entire lineup will change come fall.

Local team leader Kristina Libby, who trained as a florist, travels the world sourcing new ingredients and partnerships with small farmers. To that end, Team Florals and Team Essential Oils, you’ll work with Libby on custom fragrances for clients.

You should choose to accept it.

Available at Greater Goods, 1626 U Street NW, between 17th Street and New Hampshire Avenue (202-449-6070 or greatergoods.com); online at fortheloveofbathing.com.

Photo: Courtesy of For the Love Of

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