Steamed Muscles

When it comes to personal fitness, your motto is simple: no muscle, no fussle. Let somebody else sweat it out.

Not so with trainer Jenn Schwartz of Impact Fitness. She’ll take charge, designing routines to suit any physique. You can meet one-on-one for a jump-start session or gather your coworkers for an in-office lunch break.

A former college athlete, Schwartz is an expert with injury prevention and rehabilitation. She’ll conduct a body inventory, testing each muscle to gauge balance and marking weak spots on a diagram. Then she’ll document your progress in a custom journal.

Armed with resistance bands, kettlebells, and weights, she can turn even the smallest apartment into a workout space and help you get creative with routines. Got an office or apartment gym? Even better.

And she doesn’t charge muscle-tensing fees.

No need to be hamstrung.

Impact Fitness (jenn@impactfitnessdc.com or