Jungle Look

dar be dar bikinis!

Welcome to the jungle cruise. On this summerlong tour, we navigate the wild species of the D.C. poolside. Remember to keep your hands inside the boat and shield your eyes from cougars. Ladies in the anchor-print skirt suits are here to assist.

Now we take you into the exotic realm of Dar Be Dar bikinis.

To your left, note the exotic green python with a black horn soaking up the sun. The metallic-striped zebra is making a big splash on the right. You’ll notice that many animals are hybrids, like the leopard bottom with a purple twist top.

The menagerie is tended by local girl Tala Raassi, who was inspired by trips to Brazil, and includes specimens with and without padding.

These babies may look rare, but they’re born on American soil.

Perfect for foxy ladies.

Available by phone order (703-244-1599) or e-mail info@darbedar.net. To see styles, go to darbedar.net.

Photo: Courtesy of Dar Be Dar