Sure as Shirt

Ding, ding.

In the battle for hostest with the mostest, please welcome to the ring returning champion DJ Snoreville and newcomer TJ Kristina Bilonick.

The TJ is no ordinary jockey: She’s setting up a screen in her corner and wowing onlookers by designing custom T-shirts. Ooof! Snoreville appears to be slipping discs.

Bilonick takes the upper hand. She’s already shown off nature images and retro soda logos. People are going wild for Michelle Obama as emcee. Bilonick’s really working the crowd, offering to take ink, squeegees, and shirts to people’s homes for parties.

Now she’s upping the ante by offering one-on-one classes.

Crazed fans are yanking the shirts off their backs and throwing them to the TJ.

Snoreville is faltering, and he’s down.

What a tease.

Kristina Bilonick (kristina.bilonick@gmail.com or kristinabilonick.com).