High Balls

Appletini man’s a wienie.

Cosmo? [Pause] no.

Before you become a-verse to every sorry swiller at the bar, offer intervention in the form of Better Drinking.

Run by local ace mixologist and sommelier Derek Brown, the new service offers beverage training, consultation, and private bartending.

Gather friends for a party where the drinks are the entertainment or arrange a corporate team-building session around boozy nuances.

Brown, a veritable encyclopedia of cocktail lore, can teach period cocktails (circa Mad Men or the Titanic), build a class around a favorite spirit, or invent a handcrafted cocktail bonanza just for you. The gregarious mix master will bring tools and can supply the liquor, all while explaining the origins of your favorite drinks.

Invite him over to your place or, perhaps better, meet him in a more professional location.

You’re too much of a peach for Sex on the Beach.

Better Drinking (better-drinking.com).