Necksual Attraction

Peggy Lane’s Status Update

At concert. Lead singer is from New Zealand and cool, but vibing on his jewelry more than the music.
about an hour ago

He’s given up on the music in favor of jewelry and is referring to pieces as property of the Stolen Girlfriends Club.
47 minutes ago

He just shouted, “Baby Don’t Go” and threw a guitar pick into the crowd. It’s on a necklace with a boyfriend ring. Swoon.
33 minutes ago

The bright sterling necklaces are great, but oxidized silver on long chains really gets me going.
20 minutes ago

I caught a rose pendant with a little tag that reads “Stolen.” Could it be love?
12 minutes ago

Available at Redeem, 1734 14th Street NW, at S Street (202-332-7447 or
redeemus.com); online at stolengirlfriendsclub.com.

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1810 14th St NW
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Washington, DC 20009