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Sweet Talker

Dearly beloved, we shall gather together tomorrow to witness the happy union of tongue and frosting in blissful matrimony.

In honored tradition, we assemble with Something Sweet, something new, something borrowed, and something to chew.

Get thee to the quaint pink and green bakery for slices of old-fashioned layer cakes in flavors like German chocolate, carrot cake, and coffee buttercream.

Fall in love over frothy milkshakes, custom chipwiches made with daily cookie flavors, and decadent sundaes embellished with the topping bar.

Beg, borrow, or steal bites from the seven daily cupcake varieties or settle in for biscotti and coffee.

Love, comfort, and honor in sugar sickness and healthy appetite so long as you both shall live.

You may now kiss the lemon bar-ide.

Something Sweet, 3706 Macomb Street NW, between Wisconsin Avenue and 38th Street (202-364-2525 or somethingsweetdc.com).

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3706 Macomb St NW
bt Wisconsin Ave & 38th St
Washington, DC 20016