I Spy

Your name: Special Security Division Agent Jane Q. Public.

Fact file: Suspected terrorist activity in the area.

Mission: With assistance from headquarters — the International Spy Museum — infiltrate terrorist cells in town and track the code to thwart enemy activity. Use intel from a shady contact named Catbird to conduct surveillance, decode hidden messages, scan for fingerprints, and detect key trace chemicals.

Weapon: Geo-COBRA handheld GPS tracking devices (specially crafted for the museum) receive information and codes from secret sources and moles.

Location: Penn Quarter.

Partners: Work with a group — ideally a half dozen — for maximum brain power and bonding.

Time frame: Special forces should complete the mission in less than two hours.

Last communication: It’ll be a hot pursuit.

Available at International Spy Museum, 800 F Street NW, between 8th and 9th Streets (202-393-7798 or

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800 F St NW
bt 8th & 9th Sts
Washington, DC 20004