Where Art Thou?

Welcome to Professor Economia’s House of Horrors, where the recession looms large and freak finances abound.

Seek solace with the Floating Lab Collective, which uses a food truck-turned-mobile museum to interact with the public through space and language.

The group works with fellow citizens to create art pieces like Dial-a-Screamer, a hotline that anyone can call to rant about cash drama.

The Collective members will listen to rants and call you to explore personal experiences and hear other people’s gripes that have been recorded and set to rhythm, music, and sounds (Buddhist chants, choral recitals, dog barks). The files are available for download and have been played in front of financial institutions from the Treasury to Wall Street.

It’s cathartic, creative, and free.

After all, money is a fair game.

Floating Lab Collective (646-402-5701 ext. 09141 or floatinglabcollective.org).