Noc-Noc Jokes

Looking for company this evening? Perhaps one of our ladies of the night can keep you warm as you transition from sunrise to sunset.

The prized jewels of the Nocturne collection will make you feel very special into the wee hours.

The necklaces of coral, turquoise, and vintage beads are handcrafted in the UK in styles that draw from bold Indian patterns (without tripping into costume wear).

Tempt yourself with the collar of pink and turquoise beads whimsically interspersed with sequins on a black background. Elegant ribbon-tied options with swirls of gold loops electrify even the tamest black dress. Shimmer cascades from delicate brass chains.

There’s mischief in the air.

Available at Wink, 3109 M Street NW, between Wisconsin Avenue and 31st Street (202-338-9465 or shopwinkdc.com).

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3109 M St NW
bt Wisconsin Ave & 31st St
Washington, DC 20007