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Jam and the Holograms

And now, a reading from the book of Jam According to Daniel.

A long time ago, the people consumed jams filled with preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Then Virginia-based artisan producer Daniel Perry came onto the scene, armed with little more than a love of local, in-season fruit and a palate for good flavor.

In time, his use of spray-free produce and flowers (whenever possible) helped to heal junk-tainted taste buds by creating purer products.

The humble maker’s secret recipe involved one pound of fruit in every jam-packed jar. Cooking it for longer minimized the need for sugar; he also banished pectin.

The people gathered to rejoice in such combos as raspberry and rhubarb, peach and lavender, and hibiscus and white peach.

And it was good.

Available at BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant, 4883 MacArthur Boulevard, between U and V Streets (202-342-9101 or
blacksaltrestaurant.com); online at accordingtodaniel.com.

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