Taupe on a Rope

For a town known for its red tape, there are far too many white walls around here.

Of course, the land of black pantsuits can’t explode into neon overnight. We need a revolution that starts with Taupe.

Taupe is a joint project from local artists Victor Alejandro Aguilar and Mark Keeler, who collaborate to create short-run art drawings from different global influences.

The current catalogue showcases In the Ether, a series of imaginative, cerebral posters numbered, named, and set on a taupe background. “Chasm” layers lines and ridges clustered around a black planetary shape. “Majesty” has hints of art deco in prints surrounding two leaning figures.

The duo plans to expand future collections to consumable art (think clothing) and will keep prices to a reasonable amount of green.

Time to start living in color.

Available online at