Never the Twine Shall Meet

erin considine jewelry!

Seeking placement for Erin Considine’s necklaces. Resume attached.

Summary: Unique, fun, and bright individuals melded together by different, intertwined interests. As proficient at biking to the farmers market as lobbying on K Street.

Education: Considine studied metalwork in Washington with a brief stint in Maryland before transplanting to Brooklyn.

Work History: Yarn is hand-dyed in a summery rainbow of gold, pink, purple, and more. Seemingly disparate strands are braided, woven, and crocheted together in single blocks of color or dual mixed braids, like the coolest cousin of the friendship bracelet.

Activities: Considine creates charms using found objects (skeleton keys), her own silver casts of everyday knickknacks (bottle caps), and artistic metalwork, including striking block bead charms and amorphous open shapes.

Considine yourself well done.

Available at Treasury, 1843 14th Street, between S and T Streets, second floor (202-506-6908 or
shoptreasury.com); online at erinconsidine.com.

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1843 14th St NW
bt S & T Sts, 2nd flr
Washington, DC 20009