Font of Knowledge

beth hoeckel's mixed media!

Last time you found somebody who fit your type, you awoke to Courier New and sang about your love having wingdings.

You don’t have to read between the lines to find your bookish side.

Maryland native Beth Hoeckel loves fine print, too. Inspired by childhood and nostalgia, she creates whimsical art using paint, drawing, collage, and paperbacked media.

With “First Sight,” she combines ink, water-based paints, and a collage of pearl and ribbon to create a hot-to-trot red femme on a vintage book cover. Typed words peek through the paintings of a dismembered arm and bird’s wing in “Wing/Prayer.”

Hoeckel’s diverse portfolio includes ample examples of book-free art (sure to appeal to any who fear desecrating literature).

But that’s another chapter.

Available at Shine Collective, 1007 West 36th Street, Baltimore (410-366-6100 or shopshinecollective.com). To see pieces, go to bethhoeckel.com.

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1007 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211