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Lock, Stock, and Barrel

vint hill craft winery!
Photos: Rob & Lisa Meehan / Flickr

When the mixer beat your cream too long, you shoulda made butter. When you overcooked broccoli, you coulda made baby food.

And when you left grapes in a barrel for a year, you woulda had wine.

Had you known about Vint Hill Craft Winery, that is.

At the new urban winery, anyone can play winemaker. On-site enologists, led by Chris Pearmund of Pearmund Cellars, discuss your tastes then assemble a barrel of grapes from concurrent harvests.

Watch or help destem, crush, age, and bottle wine with your specifications on alcohol content, mouthfeel, and flavor. Eight months to a year later, it’s time to pop the cork.

A full barrel yields 25 cases at $20 per bottle. You can barter with other winemakers via the site’s message board, share with friends, or drink your masterpiece.

Which oughta make you very happy.

Available at Vint Hill Craft Winery, 7150 Lineweaver Road, Vint Hill (703-991-0191 or vinthillcraftwinery.com).

Photo: Rob & Lisa Meehan / Flickr

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