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alembic co cocktail catering!
Photos: Len DePas / Courtesy of Alembic Co. Cocktail Catering

Making cocktails at home is as easy as shake, rattle, and roll: Accidentally shake your carbonated mixer, rattle nerves when it explodes, then roll on into the nearest bar.

Or cue Alembic Co. Cocktail Catering.

The new service (from the team behind Agraria and Founding Farmers) deploys trained mixologists to quench home parties of any size or theme. With bar in tow, they’ll arrive ready to prepare the classics or innovate custom sips.

The ace staff can whip up one specialty drink (go for the muddled cranberry caipirinha) or guide you from champagne cocktail starter to postdinner aperitif. Ingredients are mixed to order always using the freshest juices and top-quality liquors.

Uniforms can match the occasion; we recommend the pre-Prohibition vest, tie, and handlebar mustache.

The effect should be stirring.

Alembic Co. Cocktail Catering (202-558-2119 or drinkalembic.com).

Photo: Len DePas / Courtesy of Alembic Co. Cocktail Catering