Breather Madness

karen jones's energy healing!
Photos: kairin / Flickr

It’s been a while since you took a deep breath.

Blame it on the ubiquitous taxi air fresheners. Or your boss’s gnarly BO. 

Sniff out spiritual and energy healer Karen Jones. After a health scare, the former film finance banker changed course to study energy healing. After training and meditating with gurus in California and India, and meeting with a shaman in the Southwest to learn about spiritual teaching, breath-guided meditation and energy channeling techniques, she’s an ace in her own right.

She takes appointments in her studio but will also come to you (score). Begin debriefing her on your general state of self, then she’ll teach you meditative breathing methods using intuition, essential plant oils, and chakra points for help.

Within an hour, you’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and armed with tips for keeping your cool.

Which means no more waiting to exhale.

Karen Jones (703-300-2534 or nuevasreinas@gmail.com).

Photo: kairin / Flickr